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Journal of Coastal Disaster Prevention 2017;4(4):189-196.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20481/kscdp.2017.4.189    Published online October 30, 2017.
Quality Enhancement of Wave Data Observed by Radar at the Socheongcho Ocean Research Station
Yong chim Min, Jin Yong Jeong, Jae Seol Shim, Ki deok Do
소청초 종합해양과학기지 Radar 파랑 관측 데이터의 신뢰도 향상
민용침, 정진용, 심재설, 도기덕
Ocean Research Stations (ORSs) is the ocean platform type observation towers and measured oceanic, atmospheric and environmental data. These station located on the offshore area far from the coast, so they can produce the data without land effect. This study focused to improve the wave data quality of ORS station. The wave observations at ORSs are used by the C-band (5.8 GHz, 5.17 cm) MIROS Wave and Current Radar (MWR). MWR is convenient to maintenance and produce reliability wave data under bad weather conditions. MWR measured significant wave height, peak wave period, peak wave direction and 2D wave spectrum, so it’s can provide wave information for researchers and engineers. In order to improve the reliability of MWR wave data, Datawell Waverider Buoy was installed near the one ORS (Socheoncho station) during 7 months and validate the wave data of MWR. This study found that the wave radar tend to be overestimate the low wave height under wind condition. Firstly, this study carried out the wave Quality Control (QC) using wind data, however the quality of wave data was limited. So, this study applied the four filters (Correlation Check, Direction Filter, Reduce White Noise and Phillips Check) of MWR operating software and find that the filters effectively improve the wave data quality. After applying 3 effective filters in combination, the RMSE of significant wave height decreased from 0.81m to 0.23m, by 0.58m and Correlation increased from 0.66 to 0.96, by 0.32, so the reliability of MWR significant wave height was significantly improved.
Key Words: Ocean Research Stations; Wave and Current Radar; Wave Data Quality; Filter

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