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Journal of Coastal Disaster Prevention 2019;6(1):1-9.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20481/kscdp.2019.6.1    Published online January 30, 2019.
A Study on the Characteristics of Sea Surface Temperature Measured by Infrared Sensor at the Socheongcho Ocean Research Station
Hanbit Lee, Chan-su Yang, In-Ki Min, Jong-Min Jeong
소청초 종합해양과학기지 열적외선 해수면온도 특성 연구
이한빛, 양찬수, 민인기, 정종민
"The Wintronics KT19.85 infrared (IR) camera was installed at the Socheongcho Ocean Research Station (SORS) and has measured sea surface temperature (SST) from 2015. Though for IR-based SST (IR SST) observation, a high degree of atmospheric correction such as satellites is not required, but it is necessary to understand SST characteristics because temperature is observed in a non-contact manner. Therefore, in this study the difference of SST between before and after the quality control (QC) was checked using the 10 minutes cycle data from 2015 to 2017, and the comparison with the CTD data (Buoy SST, 1m depth) of the surface buoy was performed. The QC was carried out through the standard deviation check to remove sudden changes (spike). The time series of IR SST shows that surface temperature steadily increased through the period at the SORS. For example, the SST in July of 2017 was 3.59°C warmer than in July of 2015. From the monthly mean SST data, the range of the diurnal variation was from 0.37°C (January 2017) to 2.51°C (April 2016) at the skin layer of sea surface, and between 0.10°C (January 2017) and 1.02°C (July 2017) at a depth of 1m. In the annual cycle calculated from both SST data, the increasing rates for IR SST and Buoy SST were 0.38°C/month and 0.18°C/month, respectively, while the decreasing rates were 0.16°C/month and 0.14°C/month. In the future, it is expected that this study will be used as a basic data for comparison and verification of satellite-based SST through continuous SST study using IR camera."
Key Words: Sea surface temperature(SST); Infrared sensor; Diurnal variation; Socheongcho Ocean Research Station(SORS)

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